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Seven tips for an effective video conference

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Dec 22 12:37 pm

Videoconferencing is an indispensable assistant for conversations today. Sometimes it replaces regular meetings. However, today there are many specialized services, such as iMind. However, having good service is only half the battle. It is also important to know certain rules that we want to introduce you to.

Be aware of the technique you use to arrange a video call

It will be great if at the very beginning of the conversation you find a few minutes to check all the equipment. In addition, it is worth regularly conducting more detailed diagnostics of the entire system. This will minimize the risk of technical problems.

Tidy up the background

The ideal backdrop for a video conference is a plain wall. But it is not always possible to find such a place. Firstly, beware of windows, because anything can happen on the street. It is better to close the blinds and expose a fairly bright artificial light.

Make a detailed plan

An effective video conference shouldn’t take too long. Try to conduct it dynamically so that the participants do not have time to get tired. Schedule a certain amount of time for each question and try not to exceed this limit. But to rush other participants is still not worth it. The main thing is that there are no delays on your part.

Involve all participants in the discussion

Keeping the attention of a person who is at a distance is really difficult. To do this, you need to involve him as much as possible in the discussion, otherwise he will become distracted from the essence of the issue. Be sure to invite all participants in the video conference to speak, even if it is not urgently necessary.

Prepare in advance

All the information that you might theoretically need during a video conference should be at your fingertips. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave your seat during the discussion, so lay out on the table all the documents that relate to the issues under discussion. The opening speech should also be prepared in advance. It should be meaningful but concise.

Don’t forget the mute button

The mute button should always be in your field of vision. Be sure to press it when other participants are speaking. They create a very unpleasant background:

  • flipping paper;
  • cough;
  • key sound.

But do not turn off your microphone during active debate, as you risk missing the right moment for a cue.

Maintain eye contact with the interlocutor

Keeping eye contact is very important today. Most of the time, you should look directly into the lens of the video device. This will give a certain confidence, seriousness and importance not only to you as an interlocutor, but to the whole conversation. Of course, sometimes you still have to be distracted to look into the documents, but you should not take it for a long period of time.

And one more thing worth paying attention to. For a certain time, you need to forget about the existence of a smartphone. His frequent presence will greatly harm the video conference.

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