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Seven best online platforms for self-education

by John Saunders
6th Dec 20 12:59 pm

Online learning is a pretty common way to learn new skills and grow as a professional today. Thanks to digital technologies, people can educate themselves on almost anything online and even get a full college degree.

Online learning platforms differ in their specialty, starting from study help ones that offer valuable advice and practical tips, and up to sites paper writer that offer paper writing from top professors. The opportunities are almost endless. This is the list of the top online educational platforms, ranging from free ones and more specialised paid ones. So you can find whatever platform is best for you and start your self-education journey.

1. EdX.org

EdX is one of the most well-known and trusted platforms for a reason. It was founded by the mutual effort of Harvard and MIT to provide top-quality college courses for everyone. One can follow the courses taught by the best professors from these and other world-class universities, such as Berkeley or Boston University.

The main benefit of this platform is that the education here is extremely good. And the range of lessons is also pretty wide. Overall, it is more STEM-focused, with lots of opportunities in Computer Science, Data Science, and Engineering. But there are also courses on Languages, Humanities, and Business Management.

Each course is paid for separately. Many of them are available for free but if you want to get certification afterward, you’ll have to pay for it. It means that those who want to learn for themselves can enjoy free education. But those, who need certification for work or college purposes, will have to pay approximately $49 per exam.

2. Coursera

If you are interested in professional learning and industry-related education, Coursera is a great option. First of all, it is the top choice for several global corporations. Secondly, it offers 3,900 courses and specialisations and more than 13 professional certifications. It also partners with top universities, such as Penn, Duke, and Stanford. The programs range significantly, from Data Science and Engineering to Business Analytics and Management.

It is a college-level platform that can help you greatly to grow as a professional. The emphasis is always on the practical side of any skill or knowledge. It is not free and every program is charged separately, about $30-40 per each. Some programs are offered together as a part of certification or degree.

3. Udemy

Udemy is less specialised in professional skills. It offers more than 130,000 programs on almost any topic, from Programming to Design, Music, Photography, and Lifestyle. It is very versatile and offers amazing courses. Each of them is charged separately and there is an option for a 30-days refund. The pricing starts at $12.99 and may go up even up to $200 per program.

The good feature is rating and comments on each course. So if you are not sure what to choose. you can read what other students have to say. There is also a possibility to preview the course before buying it. Overall, it is a great and versatile platform for all types of learners.

4. Khan Academy

This is a completely free and non-profit site that offers quality education for learners of all ages. It has a great focus on educating children, but there are several courses provided by higher education institutions. The main benefit is that it is very versatile and can teach one almost anything, from Math to Art. It is simple to use and anyone can access it, so 18 million students do every month. It might not be the top pick for those interested in professional development and certification, but if you are looking for something simple and free, it is an excellent option.

5. LinkedIn Learning

This is another professional learning platform that is available as a LinkedIn Premium feature. The main advantage is that there are certifications that can be added to your LinkedIn profile. It is also focused on professional growth and offers about 15,000 programs on various subjects. All the programs are video-based and feature no interaction with trainers.

The range is quite impressive, from emotional intelligence and time management to learning Python or Java. Overall, it is a good platform that gives many opportunities to specialists in various industries. And it is quite affordable, too. But these are not college-level programs. At the same time, they are highly valued in the B2B community.

6. Skillshare

For those who are interested in creative fields, Skillshare is a perfect choice. It is not as formal as college-based platforms and has a great community. Another benefit of this site is that it is subscription-based. The monthly subscription is about $19 and allows exploring as many programs as you want.

Some courses are available for free; one only needs to register on the website. There are many exciting skills to learn, like Animation, Photography, Filming, Writing, or Design. The courses are divided for different levels, like a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There are also reviews from former students, so you can read what they have to say. The platform is easy to understand and very user-friendly. When it comes to creative skills, there is nothing like Skillshare.

7. Open Yale Courses

This is a free website for anyone to use. There is no need to register; you can access any course right away. It is a platform powered by world-known Yale University. Here, one can access introductory courses taught at Yale. There are no certifications or exams, but it is a good way to broaden your knowledge. And it is also quite an opportunity to access Yale education even in the form of self-learning.

All the lectures and classes were filmed at Yale and are given in the video, audio, and text forms.

In summary

This list of educational platforms purposely includes all types of opportunities. Some of them are free and more focused on broadening general knowledge. Others are focused on professional growth and certifications. Some of them offer college-level courses from top universities in the world. One can choose whatever is more suitable to their interests and goals.

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