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Seven benefits of having plantation shutters

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24th Sep 19 9:41 am

Choosing the right interior window shutters is no easy task. Many people spend weeks deliberating on the pros and cons of one window shutter vs the next. Diamond Window Shutters want to make that decision a lot easier by showing you the 7 benefits of having plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters – the ultimate classic

There are numerous benefits to having plantation interior window shutters. Here are just a few…

Better Light Control – when it comes to window dressings, light will always be a deciding factor and one of the many benefits of shutters is that you can control the amount of light that comes in to your room. With plantation shutters, you can open and close them as you see fit to enjoy the natural light as much as possible.

Classic Design – plantation shutters are a classic design, not simply a current trend. They’ve always been loved and adored and always will be, making them a great choice for those wanting a long term solution. On top of them being a timeless option, they also have the power to totally transform a space, giving not only the inside of your home a new look but the outside of your home a completely new appearance.

Add Value – just like a granite worktop, plantation shutters are a fantastic option for helping to increase the value of your home by adding to your kerb appeal. Just like a granite worktop too, you won’t be able to take them with you but what you can do is benefit from the added value they create for your home.

Plantation shutters – a winning combination of style and functionality

Solid Design – when made from hardwood, like many by Diamond Shutters are, you’ll enjoy an incredibly durable hardwood that won’t just last you years to come but operates in a solid manner. Wooden shutters will stand the test of time for you and your home.

Low Maintenance – when it comes to maintenance, shutters are on the lower end of the scale. Say goodbye to taking curtains down to wash and tumble dry, say goodbye to ironing netted curtains and instead rejoice in simply wiping shutters down with a warm, damp cloth every week or two. Easy peasy.

Retain Heat – unlike curtains and netting, the solid design of shutters allows for a much better seal around your windows which helps with retaining heat within the home as well as keeping drafts out. Many have noticed a big difference in their heating bills once plantation shutters have been installed as well as a reduction in outside noise.

Totally Bespoke – with wooden interior shutters, whether you choose cafe style or full height, you can enjoy a totally bespoke design to ensure they not only complement your interior decor but your exact colour scheme also. Whether you want dark and brooding or light and airy, we can help you create it.

Contact a professional for more information

If you’d like more information on plantation shutters and how they could be of benefit in your home, contact Diamond WIndows Shutters Kent today.

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