Home Business News Sending tanks to Kyiv could spark an ‘escalation’ and European leaders warned they’re ‘absolutely unprepared’ for war with Russia

Sending tanks to Kyiv could spark an ‘escalation’ and European leaders warned they’re ‘absolutely unprepared’ for war with Russia

19th Jan 23 1:49 pm

A Ukrainian MP has warned European leaders that that they are “absolutely unprepared” for the type of war being witnessed across Ukraine.

Andrii Osadchuk said that leaders across Europe are not prepared to be war leaders as there has been so much prosperity they have only been focusing on having a comfortable life and for their people.

Osadchuk said that he believes European leaders are “afraid” of war and then warned, that it is now “impossible” to stay out of the conflict on Europe’s soil.

He told Sky News, “Now it’s understood that there is no other option rather than Ukrainian victory. But unfortunately, we still see a kind of slowdown of the military support of Ukraine.

“Zelenskyy said that military support of Ukraine is an investment to European future. How to protect your people, how to protect your officers, soldiers not to participate in nightmare.”

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On the subject of the UK and other European countries sending tanks, he said they are heavily focused on needing them, saying, “Without tanks, we cannot attack.

“Yes, the United Kingdom announced that they will give us 12 or 14 new tanks, which is probably one of the best in class, which is very good.

“But don’t forget that the land of the frontline is more than 1000km and we need not only to defend, we are repeating this daily, we need to liberate our territories.

“We need to counter attack and for that we definitely need much more capabilities.”

Retired Air Vice-Marshall Sean Bell said that the West are nervous to provide offensive weaponry, as they fear this could lead to an “escalation” in the war.

He added that the British Prime Minister’s decision to send Challenger 2 tanks is not vital, not because the UK can provide many other types of tanks.

He told Sky News, “The key is to unlock the Germans, who hold the export licence for the Leopard 2 – and if that could be offered there are over 2,000 of those in operation with 13 countries around the world and that is what Ukraine actually wants.

“It is expected the Germans will agree to put their tanks into Ukraine, if the Americans agree to put their Abrams tank in there as well.

“The challenge is, that the Abrams tank uses 50% more fuel than any of its European counterparts and tanks aren’t known for their fuel economy.

“Most of these operate at one mile per gallon and therefore you are dealing with a massive logistics challenge.

“Also, these Abrams tanks are very complicated and have a huge training burden.

“Politically, it is almost certain that the Americans will say to Europe, ‘Look, we’ve been providing all this support and it’s time for you to step up’.”

Moscow has previously warned that London will face “retaliatory measures” and Moscow “will not forget” Britain’s support for Ukraine as the world is now many steps closer to World War Three.

The Kremlin warned that Russia will not forget the “supply of British weapons to the Kyiv regime” which leaves Russia with no choice “but to take proportionately tough retaliatory measures,” as “London has made a final choice of open confrontation with Russia.”

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