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Scientists from Russia and China have been creating ‘genetic pathogens’ for years

by LLB Reporter
19th Apr 20 11:05 am

Questions have been asked over China in recent days over how the coronavirus was made and transmitted from animal to human.

The US and the UK have both started investigations into China, with President Donald Trump questioning whether it was a “mistake that got out of control” or was it started deliberately.

Russia has taken advantage of the situation and “had excess supplies” of 60 tonnes of medical supplies which were sent to the US.

The Russian state of defence giant Rostec delivered ventilators, via the Kremlin to New York two weeks ago, despite Russia having severe health implications across the country.

The US President Donald Trump said, “this is a very nice gesture” and he is not worried about Russian propaganda, “not even a little bit.”

During the 70s the former Soviet Union (FSU) were creating genetic engineering for the “next generation” of Biological weapons as were the Chinese.

The FSU were accused of making a “clandestine and illegal offensive biological weapons program.” The Soviet Bioweapons (BW) research and development program also sought out the most contagious and lethal bacteria such as plague, and viruses like smallpox.

Biopreparat was a huge military program with civilian cover, which was organised to develop and weaponise biological agents for BW.

Biopreparat and other Soviet BW research facilities operated under the highest security classification of “Special Importance” which is higher than Top Secret.

The US intelligence community did not even know it existed until 1989 when a top-ranking scientist from the BW program defected to the UK.

In October 1989, Dr Vladimir Pasechnik, the first primary source from inside the Soviet program, defected to the UK.

Pasechnik disclosed that the Soviets had “genetically engineered bacteria and viruses, weaponised the microbes in a powder form, loaded them onto various munitions, and integrated BW into their doctrine and had specific plans for use of BW.”

In the spring of 1992, a lower-level bench scientist who had worked on plague research in Pasechnik’s lab also defected to the UK, he has remained undercover and is referred to by code name “Temple Fortune.”

He fully corroborated Pasechnik’s previous account and informed the British government on Russia’s “genetic engineering.”

A decade later, after becoming President of Russia, Boris Yeltsen visited Britain in 1992. In a public speech, discussing biological warfare research.

Yeltsin stated that the Russians “had undertaken research on the influence of various substances on human genes.”

The revolution in molecular biology may have incidentally unleashed a new threat to mankind, the development of deadly bioweapons.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, is the lead agency for disease epidemics and tracks naturally occurring emerging infectious diseases worldwide.

The CDC have travelled all over the world and investigated outbreaks of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Marburg virus, hantavirus, and other emerging diseases, more recently coronavirus.

The US Office of the Secretary of Defense have identified countries that maintain various levels of offensive biological warfare capabilities or research facilities, this includes Russia and China.

Both Russia and China have been genetically engineering pathogens for Biological warfare for decades.

A pathogen may be “released clandestinely so there will be a delay between exposure and onset of symptoms,” such as coronavirus.

Days to weeks later, when people do develop symptoms, they could immediately start spreading contagious diseases, as the world has witnessed since January 2020 with Covid-19.

A paper, released in 2002 entitled, ‘Next Generation Bioweapons’ for the USAF Counterproliferation Center which provided information and analysis to assist the understanding of bioweapons.

Colonel Dr Michael Ainscough, USAF and a diplomat of American Board of Preventive Medicine in Aerospace Medicine, said in the paper that “entire viruses may similarly be created, analogous to the natural mutation of the influenza virus.

“A new strain of influenza could be created by induced hybridisation of viral strains, simply swapping out variant or synthetic genes.

“Slightly altering a common virus like influenza to make it deadlier might be easier than manipulating rarer or other biologically complicated pathogens.”

Some animal viruses, such as those found in bats, are “so small that their entire genome could be stitched together, to from machine-synthesised fragments using current technology.”

Adding, “Mycoplasma, an organism that causes pneumonia in humans, has the smallest known bacterial genome.

“An existing pathogen would be subtly genetically modified to be more difficult to detect, more virulent, or more resistant to drugs, all within the capabilities of today’s biotechnology, according to the paper.”

China has also been developing such Mycoplasma bacterial genomes, and both Russia and China have been closely working with each other for decades.

The Chinese Army has a role at the Wuhan Institute for Biological Products and at the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control & Prevention.

The report by South China’s university revealed the theory of the origin of coronavirus.

“Surgery was performed on the caged animals and the tissue samples were collected for DNA and RNA extraction and sequencing.

“They were only 280 metres from the seafood market and the WHCDC was also adjacent to the Union Hospital where the first group of doctors were infected during this epidemic.

“It is plausible that the virus leaked around and some of them contaminated the initial patients in this epidemic, though solid proof is needed in future studies.”

Conservative MP, Tobias Elwood the chairman of the British Defence Select Committee expressed concerns in Febraury over the Chinese Army’s role at the Wuhan Institute for Biological Products and called, for the “greater transparency over the origins of the coronavirus.”

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