Ryanair will have to halt flights if PM doesn’t agree to early Brexit aviation deal


More Brexit woes?

Ryanair has announced it will have to halt flights from the UK for “weeks or months” if Theresa May does not seek an early Brexit aviation deal.

The firm’s chief financial officer, Neil Sorahan, told the Guardian that flights from Stansted and other airports was “a very distinct possibility”.

He added: “In the worst-case scenario there will be no flights in or out of the UK to Europe for a period, for all carriers”.

“There could be a situation where you’re going to have get comfortable with staycations for the summer of 2019: those trips down to Portugal and Spain, unless you can swim, aren’t really going to happen.”

Ryanair can legally operate out of the UK under a Europe-wide “open skies” regulation.

The policy binds EU members to regulatory oversight by the European court of justice and to freedom of movement.

Sorahan said: “Our message to Theresa May is: please make your mind up quickly and get a decision on an aviation deal and continue to keep Britain flying,”