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Russian commander orders troops to ‘f***ing kill them all’ as ‘civilian casualties are part of the cost of war’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Apr 22 9:58 am

A Russian commander ordered his troops to open fire and “f***ing kill them all” as “civilian casualties are part of the cost of war.”

The Ukrainian secret services (SBU) intercepted the conversation between the commander and his troops ordering the horrific atrocities which do amount to war crimes.

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Vladimir Putin’s troops have been accused of committing massacres all over the Ukraine and have been raping, murdering, mutilating and executing civilians.

The SBU posted the recording on their Facebook page where a soldier asks his commander what should he do as he reported a var driving past him with civilians inside.

The Russian commander shouts, “F***ing kill them all!”

He added, “What’s the problem?

“Civilian casualties are part of the cost of war. Understood?”

The soldier replied, he understands, the commander said, “Don’t make a problem out of nothing.”

The soldier reported to his commander that they are being attacked from all sides by Ukrainian forces.

The soldier reported, “They take us from the left and from the right.

“They are f***ing encircling us.

“And now we are on the defensive and not on the offensive.”

Last week German political magazine, Der Spiegel, reported that Germany’s foreign intelligence service (BND) intercepted radio messages from Russian military who were discussing the murders in the town of Bucha, north of Kyiv.

The BND reported that the radio transmissions they intercepted matched the locations of where the bodies of civilians were found dead on a street in Bucha.

One intercepted radio message reported that Russian troops were shooting someone on a bicycle.

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