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Russian attacks on the NATO border could trigger ‘a grave escalation’ of ‘WW4’ as Moscow ‘already lost WW3’

26th Jul 23 3:44 pm

The constant attacks on the NATO border is “deeply worrying” and a “tiny misjudgement” of weaponry could easily trigger a “grave escalation” between nuclear armed superpowers.

An analyst has said it appears that Vladimir Putin has given the order to target and blow-up grain stores after Moscow pulled out of allow the grain to be shipped globally.

Sunday and Monday Russian forces targeted the Ukrainian city of Reni which was hit with at least 15 Russian cruise missiles fired from the Black Sea, which is just 200 metres from the Romanian border.

If there was any “misjudgement” and a stray missiles entered the NATO country or even killed any Romanian national this would automatically trigger a full blown war between Moscow and the alliance.

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Sky News’ military analyst Sean Bell said that the city of Reni is simply used to ship grain along the Danube River and it is not of any military importance he believes.

Bell added, “From a military perspective, there’s no reason for Russia to target that. It’s purely trying to damage grain.”

Bell said, “Romania is a NATO country, and if you look at the distance involved between Russia targeting Reni, it would take a tiny little misjudgment of weapons, and suddenly you’ve triggered a grave escalation.”

Former MI6 intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, told Sky News, “Russia‘s almost abandoned the idea of winning this war militarily in any conventional sense,”

He added, “Putin certainly has ambitions to challenge the way that the world market works and the Western system, as he sees it, of governance in the world.”

A staunch ally of Putin has claimed that Russia has already “lost World War three” as Moscow State University academic Andrey Sidorov warned “we are now waging World War Four.”

Translation made provided by the Russian Media Monitor, Sidorov said, “Many of our problems are based on the concept that we’re on the verge of WW3.

“From my point of view, WW3 already ended. We are now waging World War 4. We lost WW3.

“The availability of new weapons has transferred global wars between nations into a new format: the format of a Cold War.

“Any global war is a war for a new world order. Right now we’re also fighting for new world order but using the same means we used during the Cold War.”

He added, “Our society keeps on living, they say, ‘we’re waiting for WW3!’ We’re already in WW4.

“They’re fighting against us using other means, they’re bringing in more forces, the US will not stop even when they have internal fights.”

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