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Russia has placed ‘objects resembling explosives on the roof’ of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant

5th Jul 23 11:32 am

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Russia has placed “objects” which resembles “explosives” on the roof on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Many residents in Zaporizhzhia have started to flee as there are fears Russia could start a false flag operation on the nuclear facility.

President Zelensky said, “Now we have information from our intelligence that the Russian troops have placed objects resembling explosives on the roof of several power units of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

“Perhaps to simulate an attack on the plant.

“Perhaps they have some other scenario. But in any case, the world sees – can’t but see – that the only source of danger to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is Russia and no one else.

“Unfortunately, there was no timely and large-scale response to the terrorist attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant.

“And this may incite the Kremlin to commit new evil. It is the responsibility of everyone in the world to stop it, no one can stand aside, as radiation affects everyone.”

On Friday workers at Zaporizhzia nuclear facility who are employed by Rosatom have been urged to “evacuate” by “July 5.”

Kira Rudik MP told Sky News on Sunday that “we are getting much more worried” after President Zelensky warned a “serious threat” remains at the nuclear facility.

Russia’s head of Rosenergoatom, Renat Karchaa said that Ukraine are planning to drop weapons laced with nuclear waste which has been transported from another nuclear power station in the country.

Russian news agencies quoted Karchaa as telling Russian television, “Under cover of darkness overnight on 5th July, the Ukrainian military will try to attack the Zaporizhzhia station using long-range precision equipment and kamikaze attack drones.”

Sky News international affairs editor Dominic Waghorn said, “Intensifying the anxiety [among Ukrainians] was Russian claims on blogs that the Ukrainians were planning to attack the plant.

“When the Russians accuse the Ukrainians of preparing to do something, it’s often a sign that they’re about to do it themselves, as we saw with the Kakhovka dam.”

Taras Tyshchenko, a local health administrator, told The Independent, “We knew the Russians could blow up the Kakhovka dam and we know they could target ZNPP.

“This incident will not be a local or even a national one. It is a global incident.”

The US Senate has formerly introduced a resolution which warns that there will be dire consequences for Russia or Belarus should tactical nuclear weapons be used.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democrat Richard Blumenthal warned that the “threat” that Russia will use a “nuclear device is real.”

The two Senators warned that if any radioactive parts enter the territory of NATO then this should be considered an attack and Article 5 should be triggered.

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