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Royal Mail workers could go on strike as early as 23 October

by LLB Editor
14th Oct 13 11:15 am

Royal Mail workers could go on a nationwide strike as early as 23 October over pay and working conditions.

The strike action is expected to go ahead despite Royal Mail’s 150,000 employees getting £2,200-worth of free shares as part of the privatisation.

Royal Mail has offered an 8.6% pay rise over three years but the Communication Workers Union (CWU) has deemed it insufficient.

Royal Mail shares increased by a whopping 38% on the first day of trading, but Billy Hayes, general secretary, CWU, said the 38% rise in value would not make “one scintilla of difference” to employees.

Hayes said: “Shares will make no scintilla of difference to postal workers who are far more concerned about their jobs. We expect our members will vote to protect their terms and conditions in our strike ballot next week.

“It’s more important than ever to get protections for job security and terms and conditions under privatisation. CWU won’t stand idly by; whoever owns the company will have to deal with us and the workforce.”

The strike ballot results will be announced on Wednesday.

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