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Remote roles pay £6000 more than industry rates

by LLB Finance Reporter
17th Nov 22 12:03 pm

It has been reported that August 2022 saw searches in the UK for ‘remote jobs’ hit their highest ever level — but are employers on the same page as those they want to employ?

To find out the current climate for remote jobs, Global HR Solution experts at Remote have looked at data from Glassdoor to determine which job roles and industries currently offer the most remote career opportunities (and are the most lucrative) by analysing how remote wages compare to industry averages.

Nearly a third of web developer jobs in the UK are currently advertised as remote

Remote’s study found that 31.39% of web developer jobs advertised on Glassdoor state that the job is remote-based, followed by software engineers and translators.

It was reported back in January of 2022 that nearly three-quarters of software engineers would prefer to work in fully remote roles. Remote’s research shows nearly a third of employers hiring software engineers in the UK have taken on this feedback, with an average of 29.1% of jobs for software engineers being advertised as fully remote.

Other job roles included in the top 10 are translators, data scientists and account managers, with 23%, 17% and 13% of remote roles advertised respectively.

The information technology industry emerges as the UK’s most in-demand industry for remote workers

Nearly one in six information technology roles in the UK are advertised as remote (13.9%). Due to its online nature, this sector has a lot more opportunity for solely online work than other industries such as the hospitality (0.7%) or transportation sector (0.4%). Media & Communication, Finance and Insurance also rank as some of the best industries for remote work.

Industries such as education (5.3%) and health (1.8%) still rank at the lower end of the table for remote opportunities. However, remote trends have been able to enter these industries through different job roles such as online learning, admin, payroll, and customer service departments.

Real estate agents and architects in remote roles earn over £30,000 more compared to industry averages

Whilst the obvious difference between remote and non-remote roles is an individual’s working environment, our research reveals that there are significant differences in the salaries employees can earn too.

We’ve analysed job roles and compared industry averages to the average remote salary to determine how much more or less you could be earning in a remote role. Of the 40 roles examined, 31 of these earn more when working remotely.

When compared to the real estate industry average salary (£27,169 per year), Remote’s research shows that jobs hiring remote working real estate agents are being advertised at around £58,947, over £30,000 more each year.

Architects come in as the next role where workers can earn far more when working remotely. With an industry average salary of £31,595, this figure climbs up to an impressive £62,000, which is a £30,605 increase.

With remote roles continuing to increase across all industries, will your next role be fully remote?

Nadia Vatalidis VP of people at Remote added, “Employers hiring for remote roles have a much larger selection of top tier candidates and a reduced need for costly office space among other benefits.

“In addition, employees who prefer the remote life-work balance gain increased flexibility and the potential opportunity to work from anywhere in the world.”

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