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Reducing anxiety with camomile tea

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3rd Apr 20 3:47 pm

A relaxing cup of camomile tea is one of the oldest tricks for fighting anxiety and insomnia. For a majority of people, the herb works wonders in restoring their calm. Does camomile herbal remedy really work, or is it all in the mind? Critics may argue that the benefits of camomile tea are a placebo effect. However, there is growing evidence that camomile has a real sedative effect that helps calm the nerves.

Health benefits of camomile

The use of camomile as a medicinal plant dates many years back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. In the current age, camomile is one of the most popular herbal remedies for anxiety disorders and other health issues. Research indicates that camomile is among the most popular sleep aids. And estimate that every single day, people across the world consume at least 1 million cups of camomile tea.

Many clinical trials have been conducted to explore camomile health benefits. Some of the leading benefits of camomile include:

Improve sleep quality

If you have trouble relaxing and falling asleep, camomile tea may be what you need. Camomile contains apigenin, which is an antioxidant that binds to specific receptors in the brain. The binding helps to reduce insomnia and promote sleepiness. Camomile has helped many people suffering from chronic inability to sleep.

Moreover, the use of camomile among postpartum women results in better sleep quality compared to women who do not consume herbal tea. People who consume camomile exhibit fewer symptoms of depression. There is a proven correlation between sleeping problems and anxiety or depression. Camomile lowers anxiety levels by improving the quality of sleep among its users.

Helps reduce anxiety

The reduction of anxiety is also among the benefits of camomile. There is ample proof that chamomile tea is effective in aiding with relaxation and reducing anxiety, as well as, depression. A study published in the journal of Phytomedicine revealed that the use of camomile helps to reduce moderate to severe symptoms of a generalized anxiety disorder.

Researchers in the U.S conducted an experiment on patients suffering from anxiety disorders. During the first 12 weeks, a group of 179 participants consumed camomile daily. After that, the researchers split the participants into two groups. One group continued with camomile intake while the other group took a placebo. The results revealed that people who continued with camomile intake had improved anxiety symptoms. The camomile group went longer before experiencing a relapse of anxiety disorders. The participants also had improved blood pressure and general well-being.

Camomile for cancer patients

Camomile tea can help you live better with cancer! People living with cancer experience a wide range of emotions, including anxiety and distress. Patients experience constant unease, dread, and fear. The negative emotions are common when undergoing cancer screening, waiting for test results, or receiving a diagnosis. Treatment for cancer is also distressing, and most patients worry about the recurrence of cancer cells. Anxiety can be distressing for a cancer patient, often leading to nausea and vomiting prior to treatment sessions.

Camomile can help to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. It relieves adjustment disorder in cancer patients. This disorder may occur as a person tries to adjust his/her life after a cancer diagnosis. Cancer patients require different coping skills at different points in their diagnosis and treatment. To cope better with the stress that comes with a terminal illness, a patient needs to relax.

Improves women’s health

Camomile tea helps improve women’s health. For instance, if you have trouble relaxing due to menstrual pain, camomile can ease the pain. Many studies indicate that the herb has properties that help to reduce period pain. If you consume this magical tea for a month, you will notice a great reduction in pain of menstrual cramps. Most women experience heightened anxiety and distress associated with period pain. After consuming camomile herbal tea, the women in the study reported less anxiety.

Reduces depression

Constant anxiety may lead to depression. The University of Pennsylvania analyzed data obtained from patients who had both anxiety and depression. Some patients had anxiety with a history of depression. Consumption of camomile showed a reduction in depression scores among the people under study.

The analysts concluded that camomile has an antidepressant effect on top of its antianxiety effects. There is evidence that camomile has clinically significant antidepressant effects in human beings.

Boosts overall health

You cannot relax and enjoy peace of mind if your body is unwell. In addition to boosting women’s and men’s health, other camomile health benefits exist. Camomile helps to treat diabetes and lower blood sugar. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to reduce inflammation. Camomile also targets cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from developing in the body. It is ideal for both cancer prevention and cancer care. It helps you enjoy good health, which translates to peace of mind.


Long-term camomile use is safe and helps to reduce moderate to severe anxiety disorders. The tea can help reduce the rate of relapse of anxiety disorders. Camomile is safe, and you could greatly benefit from a few cups a day.

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