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Reduce cleaning costs without compromising the cleanliness of your premises

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14th Oct 19 4:12 pm

We all want to live and work in a clean environment but we also know that keeping your space spotless is no easy task, especially in a commercial environment. In our homes we use carpets and rugs to brighten the place while at the work place, carpets and rugs are used to create a motivating work environment while also providing the client with an aesthetically appealing space in which to do business. It is, therefore important that we take extra care to ensure that the carpets and rugs we have in our homes and business premises are clean.

Most offices and businesses are constantly trying to maintain a delicate balance between a clean working space and rising cleaning costs. There are certain ways in which an organization in London can cut down on office cleaning costs. One way of doing this is to engage the services of a professional carpet cleaning company because as you can see from the Red Carpet’s website, their many years of experience in carpet cleaning work to your advantage.

Their cleaning experts possess special skills which they have acquired over the years making them able to have your carpets and rugs smelling clean and looking as good as new, even in those heavy traffic areas. Because of their impressive customer base, they are able to provide the cleaning services at a reasonable cost that will not leave a dent in your pocket.

Another benefit of using this service is that they use modern cleaning equipment whose water usage is much lower than traditional equipment. Their cleaning machine is light, making it possible to easily move it from one location to another, avoiding the use of long hoses that are a safety hazard.

Another area to look into if you want to cut down your cleaning costs is to look at how often your premises is cleaned. Ask yourself if it is necessary for the cleaning company to be there every day. Even as you ponder on this point, remember that the state of your office directly influences your employees’ productivity, and also affects the way your customers view you.

A general rule guiding how often your office should be professionally cleaned is dependent on the number of staff. The accepted rule of thumb states that if you have up to 5 staff, cleaning the office once a week is adequate. With 5 to 9 staff members, the cleaners should clean 3 times a week and if the number of employees is between10 and 15, then 3 days a week is sufficient. More than 15 staff members means the office should be cleaned 5 days a week.

Related to the point above is the question of how the offices should be cleaned. For example, you could decide that thorough cleaning of high traffic areas is done every time the cleaners come, while low traffic areas are thoroughly cleaned once a week.

The number of hours the cleaners take should also be reviewed. There is a general understanding on how long the various office types should take to clean based on the square footage. A comparison of this guide and the situation on the ground could reveal an area of improvement, leading to lower charges. You could also inform the cleaning company how many hours you would like them to work and let them come up with a cleaning specification plan themselves.

Another effective way of reducing your cleaning costs is to reduce the number of days the windows are cleaned. Window cleaning takes up a big portion of the yearly cleaning costs. Whereas the interior windows can be washed during every other visit, the outside windows can comfortably be washed every 8 to 12 weeks depending on how dusty your location is and whether your windows are part of the showroom.

The time of day, or night, that your office is cleaned is also an issue to look into. Cleaning during office hours tends to be slightly cheaper than after hours cleaning. The work culture is slowly changing and organizations in England, just as in other parts of the world, are slowly moving away from the 9 to 5 work environment.

This means that the cleaners can be requested to carryout cleaning during the day on those days of the week when there are fewer people in the office. If the office houses a small number of employees, the cleaning can also be carried out during office hours, effectively bringing down the costs.

Whatever method you go with, reduced office cleaning costs will go a long way into making the bottom line of your financial statements more attractive, and because office cleanliness is not compromised, you still maintain healthy, productive employees and an enhanced company image.

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