Record number of households switched energy supplier


It’s a ‘huge’ 60 per cent increase on the previous year

More than 660,000 customers changed their electricity supplier last month, according to the industry trade body Energy UK.

This was the highest number of switches ever recorded by UK households and “a huge” 60 per cent increase on the previous year.

“The energy market has never been so competitive and it’s great to see record numbers of consumers engaging in the market to get a better deal,” said Lawrence Slade, the chief executive of Energy UK.

The government is working to introduce a price cap on default energy tariffs to fix what MPs have called a “broken” energy market.

Talking about the figures, laire Perry, the energy minister, said: “With around 60 companies to choose from, consumers can make big savings if they shop around. But we know there are still around 11m households on the most expensive energy tariffs. That’s why the Government is taking action to bring in measures to cap these default tariffs and protect people from high energy bills by next winter,” she added.