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RAF Typhoons bomb Houthis militia sites in Yemen

31st May 24 10:50 am

RAF Typhoon jets bombed Houthis rebel sites in Yemen overnight in response to the ongoing attacks in the Red Sea on British assets.

Military chiefs said that a Typhoon FGR4S used Paveway IV guided missiles to hit Houthis buildings at three locations.

The locations which were attacked have been used to store drone control facilities and long-range drones, the Ministry of Defence intelligence said.

The Ministry of Defence in London said: “As ever, the utmost care was taken in planning the strikes to minimise any risk to civilians or non-military infrastructure.

“Conducting the strikes in the hours of darkness should also have mitigated yet further any such risks.”

Rishi Sunak said: “Last night the RAF successfully conducted a fifth set of strikes against Houthi military targets in Yemen alongside the US.

“These strikes were conducted to further degrade the military capabilities of the Houthis and to prevent further attacks on international shipping.

“The strikes were taken in self-defence in the face of an ongoing threat that the Houthis pose.”

The Prime Minister was asked if this could cause an escalation with Iran, he said, “We have always said that we will not hesitate to protect British interests abroad and at home.

There is an ongoing threat that the Houthis pose, 197 attacks since November, all our intelligence indicates that previous sets of strikes have been successful in degrading military capabilities of the Houthis: targeting supply, command and control launch sites for missiles and there is also a risk in inaction that would damage the global economy and further risk our international security.

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