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Putin sends King Charles III another message after his ‘Accession to the throne’ wishing the monarch ‘all the best’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Sep 22 2:38 pm

Vladimir Putin has sent a second message to King Charles III within the last 24 hours following his “Accession to the throne.”

On Friday Putin expressed his “sincere condolences” to Britain over the “irreparable loss” over Her Majesty the Queen who died aged, 96.

Now the Russian tyrant has congratulated Britain’s new monarch amid King Charles III being proclaimed him King on Saturday morning.

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Vladimir Putin sends a message to King Charles III following the Queens death

The Russian Embassy in London wrote on Twitter a statement on behalf of the Russian President wishing him “all the best.”

Putin said, “Please accept my sincere congratulations on Your Accession to the throne.

“I wish Your Majesty success, good health and all the best.”

Since the illegal invasion of the Ukraine which started on 24 February relations between Russia and the UK have hit rock bottom and this could be seen as a sign of Moscow wanting to try and restore some ties with the UK.

In the Russian tyrant’s first letter to the British King on Friday he wrote, “Your Majesty, please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

“The most important events in the recent history of the United Kingdom are inextricably linked with the name of Her Majesty.

“For many decades, Elizabeth II rightfully enjoyed the love and respect of her subjects, as well as authority on the world stage.

“I wish you courage and perseverance in the face of this heavy, irreparable loss.

“I ask you to convey the words of sincere sympathy and support to the members of the royal family and all the people of Great Britain.”

The Kremlin has confirmed that the Russian President will not attend the Queen’s funeral in a snub to the UK.

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