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Potty mouth Gillian Keegan heard everyone sat ‘on their a***s’ and failing to act over School concrete crisis

by LLB political Reporter
4th Sep 23 4:24 pm

The Education Secretary Gillian Keegan has been caught slamming her Tory predecessors for sitting “their a***s” and have failed to act over the “reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete” (RAAC) crisis gripping schools across England.

She vented her frustrations over the government’s failures of the RAAC crisis and was heard and seen minutes after she finished an interview with ITV that why is no one is thanking her for doing a “f***ing good job.”

Hundreds of parents across England are learning that their children cannot return back to school for the autumn term due to “critical risks” that the crumbling concrete could be fatal.

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After ITV aired her potty mouth outburst she told Sky News, “It was an off-the-cuff remark after the news interview had finished – or apparently after it had finished.

“I’d like to apologise for my choice language there, it was unnecessary.”

ITV said: “As part of a morning round of interviews, Gillian Keegan was speaking to ITV News as it was confirmed there could potentially be hundreds more schools affected by the crisis.

“In the moments after the main body of the interview had finished, and as the camera repositioned for extra shots, Keegan – still wearing her mic – criticised others and claimed the govt has gone ‘over and above’ in addressing concerns relating to RAAC.”

Keegan tried to defend herself by saying that ITV’s interview had been “pressing me quite hard,” which “is frustrating because we’re doing everything now to take a leading position to be on the front foot, to put all the support in place that the responsible bodies and schools need.”

A No. 10 source said on Monday afternoon, “These comments were wrong”, but added that Rishi Sunak :has full confidence in the Education Secretary.”

Liberal Democrat education spokeswoman Munira Wilson said, “Gillian Keegan’s disgraceful comments add insult to injury for parents who’ve seen their children’s return to school ruined by this concrete crisis.

“Expecting people to thank her when children are being taught in classrooms at risk of collapse shows Keegan must be living on another planet.”

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