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Possibly the two best ESG stocks to buy in 2024

31st May 24 10:06 am

Climate change has become a priority for many investors, countries, and organisations.

As a result, there has been a considerable demand for ESG stocks as many investors look to increase the amount of sustainable investments in their portfolios. The goal is to reach a globally accepted net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

  • Thanks to the emphasis on sustainable investments and the need for globally reduced carbon emissions, ESG stocks are emerging as ideal options for investors in the market.
  • American tech giant Apple is a top-ranking ESG stock thanks to its commitment to high standards of environmental and ethical business practices. Not just that, it boasts an impressive lineup of products that tick every sustainability metric in the book.
  • Popular payment card provider Mastercard is another option for investors seeking ESG stock options. The company’s quarterly dividend is $0.66 per share, making it one of the best value-for-money dividend stocks in the market.

With sustainable investing on the rise and many of the world’s leading companies united in the quest to reduce carbon emissions, investors can stay ahead by investing in highly profitable ESG stocks. Joel Lim, a financial analyst at Trading.biz, has identified two ESG stocks that would be worthy portfolio additions for any investor. Here’s why you should buy Apple and Mastercard before it’s too late.


The tech giant Apple is a no-brainer when it comes to ESG stocks. The company is notable for its insistence that all suppliers comply with strict guidelines for labour rights, environmental responsibility, and ethical business practices. Aside from that, it boasts a lineup of impressive products, all of which tick all the sustainability metrics in the book.

Not just that, Apple has recorded impressive numbers in the market. It recently announced its quarterly share, which was $0.24 per share. Its stock dividend yield currently stands at $0.53, and around 131 hedge funds have a stake in the company. The total value of these shares stands at around $205 billion.

Joel Lim notes, “Apple represents a lucrative option for investors seeking ESG stocks. It’s a great option that would slot nicely into any portfolio.”


Mastercard, on the other hand, has established itself as a notable ESG stock thanks to its commitment to environmental stability and promoting financial inclusion, especially in underdeveloped regions. The company has been growing its dividends for the past 11 years and currently offers a quarterly dividend worth $0.66 per share.

Additionally, its dividend yield stands at $0.56 and is among the highest on the market. Mastercard is also experiencing a lot of interest from hedge funds. Around 141 hedge funds have a stake in the company, and the total worth of these shares is estimated at around $16.8 billion.

Joel Lim notes, “Mastercard is a great value for money when it comes to ESG stocks. The payment card provider posts some of the best numbers on the market and could be a valuable portfolio addition for any investor seeking profitable ESG stocks.”

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