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Pollution in the capital is attacking Londoners' immune systems

9th Dec 16 10:59 am

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A leading expert has warned that many Londoners may have their immune systems slowly aggravated due to toxic diesel fumes in the air.

Dr Ian Mudway, of King’s College London, stated that those young and old, as well as anyone with existing lung conditions need to be aware of the pollution in the city.

Mudway said at a British Thoracic Society’s meeting: “In individuals with pre-existing lung disease the contaminants within the air we breathe can have immediate tangible effects, such as symptomatic ‘flare-ups’ during pollution episodes,”

“But for most of us the effects are more insidious, with the impacts only manifesting slowly as we age.”

Filthy air levels are much higher in central London, with three wealthy areas being the worst black spots. These are Westminster, the City, and Kensington and Chelsea.

Genetic makeup plays a key factor to whether a person will become victim to toxic fumes, diesel emissions and tiny PM2.5 particulates can get deep into the lungs and can be particularly harmful.

Mudway added: Some people are almost bullet proof, other people will be very sensitive to it,”

Many of the health impacts of air pollution are “sub clinical”, which means symptoms don’t immediately make an appearance.

The death toll due to air pollution from nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5 pollution, has been estimated at 9,000 a year in London. However, this is not the total number of people dying from toxic air but the accumulated total of lost life attributable to it.

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