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Police will stop park BBQs, check beauty spots and second homes

by LLB Reporter
10th Apr 20 1:49 pm

Police have warned on Friday that they will stop people from having BBQs in parks, beaches and other public areas.

Even if members from their own household are out and applying social distancing measures this will not be allowed.

John Apter, national chair of the police federation of England and Wales said on Friday the “vast majority” of people are following the law.

However, he said there are a minority that are either “genuinely confused by the guidance or they’re completely oblivious to the dangers.”

In a warning to the public he said if people were allowed to sit down and have barbecues in parks or other public spaces that it would be like “any other normal bank holiday weekend where the parks are packed full of people wanting to enjoy the sunshine.”

Speaking to Sky News, Apter said, “We are not in a normal bank holiday weekend, and it’s about trying to encourage and support the public.

“This is not lockdown, lockdown is what we’ve seen on mainland Europe and we don’t want to go there.

“But my fear is that if people continue to ignore this guidance, these rules that have been laid before parliament, then the government could go further. Nobody wants that.”

David Lewis, deputy chief constable of Dorset Police said his officers are stationed on arterial roads to stop those flouting the law in visiting second homes and visiting beauty spots.

He told Sky News, “My guidance would be: If you have to ask yourself ‘is this an essential journey’ then it probably isn’t, so turn round and stay home.

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