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Police arrest Just Stop Oil ‘imbeciles’ with new dispersal law as ‘the public are just sick’ of the protests

by LLB Reporter
15th Jun 23 2:41 pm

The Metropolitan Police have arrested Just Stop Oil “imbeciles” as a new dispersal law has onto force on Thursday.

During one of their slow marches which infuriates drivers several protesters were seen handcuffed near to Vauxhall Bridge, London.

Driver were banging their horns and shouting “imbeciles” and “get a job” and an ambulance was also caught up in the protesters slow walk.

The updated Section 12 of the Public Order Act is now in force and allows the police to arrest where disruption is “more than minor” to the public.

Frances, 20, said, “It’s totally unjust. It’s our fundamental human right to protest under the human rights act. We’re not harming anyone.”

She added, “Until they bring in the death penalty, we’ll keep going until the Government stops this death pact with the oil and gas industries.”

One Just Stop Oil activist moaned that the police were moving “faster” today, as the new law has come into force.

Canon Peter Lippiett, 76 moaned, “The section 12 is making an enormous impact. It’s legal to walk in the streets but the new section 12 has been applied disorganisedly and haphazardly.

“Police are making faster intervention and I think it’s because of this act.”

Another protester, 48, who gave his name as Mark, said: “Police are moving faster today, that’s what we think.

“We don’t know exactly what the impact will be yet, but it seems it is easier to disperse us with this definition of ‘minor’ disruption.”

Protester Chris, 53, said: “People are very concerned about the changes in law and how difficult it is getting to protest legally, because all we do is non-violent protests, but it is getting harder to do so.”

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