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Pointing the way: the importance of business signage

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25th Nov 19 9:20 am

Everything you need to know about using signs to protect your staff, inform your customers and operate legally.

All kinds of things have to be put in place for any business to be able to operate smoothly. Some things are big and obvious. For example, a mobile mechanic could not run their business without a van.

Other things are tiny, far less obvious, but nonetheless essential. The business signage that retailers like mydoorsign sell is one such example. These little items actually have a role to play in the success of virtually any business.

Legally required signage

A lot of the signs that are put up within business premises are put up because there is a regulation that says they need to be in place. For example, fire exit and extinguisher signs.

Any business that does not follow these regulations runs the risk of being fined, even closed down while they fix the problem. Should an accident happen and it can be proved that the right signage was in place the business owner could be held responsible. In some countries, that means jail time for him or her.

Warning signs

Many of the signs that are legally required can be categorized as warning signage. But, that does not mean that a business owner should only put up the ones listed in the regulations. Far from it, they also need to go around their business premises, retail outlets and vehicles and identify further hazards that need to be flagged up. When they find an issue they should have a custom sign made that warns everyone.

Signage that shows the way

In large premises or retail outlets, it is all too easy for people to get lost. In those places signage that guides people to where they want to go, or what they want to buy, is essential. If you cannot buy off the shelf signs that meet your needs you can easily have customized ones made.

Using signs to share important information

Signs can also be used to share information. For example, tell customers what your opening times are or provide details of how to sign up for a loyalty card.

An awful lot of businesses underutilize this way of sharing information. As a result, their staff frequently get asked the same questions throughout the day.

If you have not done so already, sit down with your staff and ask them if there are any queries a lot of customers seem to have. Then see if you can come up with a sign that addresses that common question.

You will be surprised by how helpful this can be. Your customers will be able to quickly find out what they need to know and your staff will spend less time answering questions.

Be careful not to overdo it

But, there is a limit to how many signs you should be putting up. Humans can only absorb so much information before it becomes overwhelmed and confused. So, if you put up too many signs there is a risk that you can have the opposite effect to the one you were hoping to achieve. This in-depth article explains how to ensure that your business does not fall into this trap.

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