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Pfizer/BioNTech jab effective against South African variant

8th Feb 21 3:51 pm

A new study has revealed that the new Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is effective against the South African variant.

Researchers as the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Galveston found in a study of 20 people who had the jab, found the vaccine does kill the virus with the N501Y and E484k variant.

After testing the samples from blood, the researchers found evidence that mutant viruses were neutralised.

It has also been suggested that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine could also reduce the transmissibility.

A study which was published in the Nature Medicine said that the variation which was neutralised against the E484K mutation was a little lower than that of the N501Y mutation when killed.

Pei-Yong Shi, from the UTMB said, “The rapidly spreading UK and South African strains of SARS-CoV-2 have raised alarms – do the newly emerged mutations affect vaccine efficacy, therapeutic antibody potency, virus transmission, and disease severity?

“As a continuous collaboration with Pfizer, we used a panel of clinical trial serum specimens to test if this single mutation affects the antibody activity against the virus induced by the vaccine.

“Our results showed this mutation alone does not compromise the vaccine’s neutralising activity against the virus, which is good news for the vaccine.”

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was asked if there will be a delay in easing restrictions if the jab is less effective against the South African variant.

Johnson said, “We think that all the vaccines that we’re using, both the vaccines that we’re currently using, are effective in stopping serious disease and death.

“We also think, particularly in the case of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, that there is good evidence that it is stopping transmission as well, I think 67% reduction in transmission with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

“They remain of massive benefit to our country and to the population as we go through the pandemic and I’ve no doubt that vaccines generally are going to offer a way out.

“With every day that goes by you can see that medicine is slowly getting the upper hand over the disease.”

He added, “We’re very confident in all the vaccines that we’re using.”

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