Over half UK companies can’t tell if their IoT has been breached


Despite the UK Government introducing the Internet of Things (IoT) security code of practice for manufacturers and developers last year, Gemalto is today revealing that the voluntary practice isn’t having the desired impact, with consumer data continuing to be put at risk.

This is because six in ten UK organisations can’t tell If their IoT devices have been breached by hackers or not – raising questions about the state of IT security across the country.

In an increasing sign that this isn’t just a UK issue, organisations worldwide are seeking help when securing the IoT, with most businesses (95%) in the global study asking for more security regulations in the IoT industry.

The study also found IoT security has grown in importance for businesses globally, with:

  • Nearly all (90%) businesses believing it is a major consideration for customers
  • Spending on protection has grown (from 11% of IoT budget in 2017 to 13% in 2018)
  • Almost three times as many now see IoT security as an ethical responsibility (14%)