Over £10bn in goods and services sourced via leading procurement software


Market Dojo was founded in 2010 with plans to revolutionise how those in procurement work, by evolving the industry; bringing buyer and supplier engagement online and banishing outdated spreadsheets and emails.

The on-demand procurement and reverse auction software has seen £10.2bn of goods and services sourced by users, saving their customers 16%, on average, through over 35,000 sourcing events. Functions such as the reverse auction capabilities that the software provides, makes negotiating with buyers a much easier and smoother process.

As well as celebrating a 50% employee growth in-office, Market Dojo has gained more than 60 additional customers spread over 20 countries in the last year alone, with more than three-fifths of the company’s revenue (63%) coming from overseas business.

Their client list includes names such as Aggreko, Interserve, Effage Kier, Shropshire Council and Multichoice.

By giving potential users the opportunity to run demo auctions in their ‘sandpit’ mode, the company have been able to attract new customers offering them a try before you buy type deal. This feature enables users to understand the easy to use software and how it can save their company time and money before spending a penny. It has been found that it takes 30% less time for their clients to gather quick quotes, rather than having to rely on a slow email outreach approach.

Currently, Market Dojo’s tools are already being utilised by businesses across 30 different industry sectors, proving the flexibility that these tools can offer to procurement professionals globally.

By providing their 39,400 users with the tools to help with eSourcing, supplier on-boarding, opportunity analysis and category spend insight for almost one decade, whilst demonstrating impressive growth, Market Dojo have attracted a large Sovereign Wealth Fund investment.

This investment will go towards the company’s continued growth, improving and adapting to their customers’ needs and efforts to innovate and revolutionise the industry even further.

Alun Rafique, Co-founder and CEO of www.MarketDojo.com said,  “We are so proud of the amazing year we’ve had; the team have been working round the clock to ensure our users are getting the absolute most out of our software.

“We have had such positive feedback from our customers too, having saved them plenty of money as well as time. In fact, it was found that it takes 30% less time for our clients to gather quick quotes, rather than having to rely on a slow email outreach approach.

“We cannot wait to see what the rest of 2019 has in store for us; we know we’ll continue to go from strength to strength, even in the current uncertain economic climate.”