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Sam Altman’s return to OpenAI as CEO a couple of days after being ousted by the board could spell the continuation of the success story OpenAI has built until now.

The move could put away risks of a mass exodus of talent from the company and could stop the firm from derailing from its growth path.

It also helps preserve investors’ expectations for the industry. The company has effectively bolstered the strength of the AI industry and has participated in the development of connected sectors such as semiconductors.

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Altman returns to OpenAI as chief executive

AI-related sectors, in turn, have been driving stock market valuations to new records in particular in the technology sector, and have pushed the broader market at a time when investors were contending with high interest rates and risk aversion.

Altman’s return puts away a number of concerns and risks for the AI and semiconductor industries and for the market as a whole.

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