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Only one in ten organisations are ready to scale AI

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
15th May 20 5:05 am

Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solutions and services, today announced that it has published the AI Maturity Framework, which consists of a mapping tool and a whitepaper.

The whitepaper provides in-depth insights on how organisations across all industries can become AI-ready faster and the tool helps organisations quickly map their AI-readiness. The tool and whitepaper address a knowledge gap in the AI industry, as few resources exist on how organisations can actually evolve their AI-readiness from theory to practice.

Since 2019, the Element AI AI Maturity Survey has collected data vital to informing the AI Maturity Framework whitepaper and tool. To date, the survey has collected insights from 200 senior decision-makers across multiple industries, primarily in North America, and determined that organisations are still struggling with their AI journeys.

Key findings in the survey reveal, that fewer than one in ten organisations are mature enough to operationalise and scale AI production.

Whilst 79% of organisations surveyed haven’t graduated from experimenting with AI in a lab setting, and only 14% of organisations surveyed are formalising their approach to deploying AI within their organisation.

“The progress and full integration of AI into most industries is uneven because implementing AI is as much about organisational factors as it is technical ones, and few resources exist to help leaders plan and strengthen their foundations for industry-grade AI,” said Karthik Ramakrishnan, Vice President, Head of AI Strategy and Enablement at Element AI.

“We want the AI Maturity Framework tool and whitepaper to provide organisations around the world with a systematic perspective to help them chart and realise their AI journey.”

While there are plenty of resources written with calls to invest in AI and the benefits of the technology, few exist on how organisations can take AI technology and develop a plan that is actionable and fits within an organisation’s culture. The Element AI AI Maturity Framework whitepaper provides insights into how the AI journey is unfolding in multiple industries, drawing from first-hand experience of the Element AI advisory and enablement practice.

The whitepaper provides a deeper dive in understanding the nuances of the different stages and dimensions of AI-readiness, and provides industry benchmarks, case studies and practical tips/tactics on how to move to the next stage of AI integration.

“This tool and whitepaper offers prescriptive advice on how companies can align the five dimensions of organisational AI maturity: strategy, data, technology, people and governance. All organisations can benefit—no matter where they are on their AI journey and regardless of whether they’re buying AI solutions off the shelf, building them from scratch, or something in between,” continued Ramakrishnan.

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