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Norway warns that Russia is ‘gaining the advantage’ and Ukraine needs ‘extensive’ military aid

13th Feb 24 3:24 pm

Norway’s intelligence service has warned that Russia is “gaining the advantage” in the war and Ukraine urgently needs “extensive” military aid.

Vladimir Putin has so many troops that he could easily mobilise “three times” more soldiers to fight in Ukraine.

Putin’s armed forces are now more powerful than a year ago as North Korea are sending millions of rounds of ammunition and missile and Iran are sending deadly Shahed drones and China is an ally of Russia.

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Nils Andreas Stensones told reporters, “In this war, Russia is currently in a stronger position than it was a year ago and is in the process of gaining the advantage.”

Stensones who is the head of Norway’s military intelligence unit warned that Putin “could mobilise around three times more troops than Ukraine” and is “tackling sanctions better than expected

He added, “Extensive Western weapons aid would be needed for Ukrainian forces to be able to defend themselves and regain the initiative in the conflict.”

US TV personality Tucker Carlson held a televised interview with Putin last Friday, the former Fox News host claimed, Putin said that Russia has no problem with continuing the war as their “industrial capacity” to produce mass artillery is far more advanced than the West realises.

He added, “One of the things we’ve learned in the course of the last two years is that Russia’s industrial capacity is a lot more profound than we thought it was.

“Russia, this country we were assured was a gas station with nuclear weapons, has a pretty easy time making missiles, rockets and artillery shells whereas NATO doesn’t.”

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