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No-deal Brexit uncertainty could cancel Holyrood recess

by LLB Politics Reporter
2nd Apr 19 2:13 pm

The Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon has put forward a proposal to Holyrood to cancel the upcoming recess in case MSPs need to respond to a no-deal Brexit.

The UK are set to leave the EU next Friday, unless a deal is agreed, or an extension is granted to Article 50 by the 27 member states.

Sturgeons spokesman said, “the priority is not recess, the priority is dealing with Brexit.”

“We think it is prudent for Parliament to be ready to sit next week.

“We should certainly be prepared, willing and able to sit. That is our proposal from Cabinet.”

Currently the two-week recess is planned for Thursday next week.

The spokesman said, “The First Minister’s view, endorsed by Cabinet, is if we are in the same position this time next week as we are at the moment, i.e. facing going over the cliff of a no-deal, then the FM’s view is it would unacceptable for the Scottish Parliament to be in recess.”

The spokesman added, “Who knows where things are going to go over the next view days but certainly the FM’s view and Cabinet’s view is, we can’t be in a situation where we are about to go over the cliff edge of no-deal with Parliament and MSPs in recess.

“The First Minister’s view is clearly MSPs should not be on holiday when the biggest, most momentous, potentially most damaging issue to hit Scotland and the UK since the Second World War is about to take place.”

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