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Nine effective strategies to increase your business revenue

by John Saunders
23rd Jul 21 4:22 pm

Boosting your revenue as a small business requires better marketing strategies. The focus should be on winning more customers to increase your sales efforts. It helps to constantly review your pricing strategies and explore other markets.

Irrespective of their budget, a small business owner can improve the bottom line and increase profits by focusing on 9 essential strategies. The key to sustainable revenue growth lies in maintaining a good balance between set long-term and short-term goals.

Increased revenue is associated with financial health. Focus on basic service tactics and operations marketing to cut down on costs and attain more business revenues.

1. Set your goals

Set a clear strategy in line with your revenue goals. Imagine what success looks like and work towards achieving it. This requires redefining your original goals at every business stage. When you started the business, the first goal was to increase profits. The second goal is to grow revenue to fund the business strategic growth. Building revenue reserves which involves exceeding your net and gross revenue targets.

Outlining your business goals helps you determine the things that are driving up sales and increased revenue. Now, focus on the activities that accomplish them.

2. Focus on winning more repeat customers

As a small business, your focus should be on cross-selling your current customers. It’s a more cost-efficient and effective strategy because your current customers already know your services and products. They are more likely to continue doing business with you.

Offer incentives like special discounts to motivate your customers to make another purchase. Incentives show customers how important they are to you.

Connect with existing customers to win new customers. Boosting business growth is easier when your give existing customers a strong referral incentive.

3. Use complementary products or services

Complementary products and services are proven ways to increase sales without increasing your overhead costs. This is a cost-efficient sales approach that is easier to accomplish.

4. Refine your pricing strategy

Pricing is an important consideration when making a purchase decision. Adjust the prices for services and products in line with the prevailing market conditions, while factoring in your revenue goals.

An abrupt increase in price increases revenue and business profits as long as it doesn’t result in a drop in sales. Explore how your competitor sets prices on products and emulate the same model to position your best prices.

An incremental price increase is better than an abrupt increase as the latter shocks the marketplace. Incremental increase in price doesn’t impact your profit margins or the bottom line.

5. Offers customers rebates and discounts

Discounts entice consumers to buy products and services. You can have rebates on limited products. Alternatively, you can place discount offers on seasonal products, more than two purchases or on all products. Rebates and discounts are known to drive up sales which boost your profit margins.

6. Employ proven marketing strategies

Effective marketing boosts revenue by improving sales. Carefully analyse your customer purchases and various customer preferences. Devise targeted promotions for specific customers to boost sales. You can use promotional offers and ad messages. Utilise marketing avenues such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Public relations
  • Website
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Billboards and flyers

7. Energise those sales channels

The goal is to generate enthusiasm and inspire customers to buy. You can achieve this by introducing vibrant sales collateral including all the services and products as an incentive to your sales partners. It helps convey urgency and increase subscription sales.

8. Review the business online presence

Periodically review the business website to know the amount of traffic it receives. Device more effective plans to drive up traffic and improve your customer’s online experience. Combine paid SEO marketing and organic efforts to reach more customers. Liaise with high traffic places like LottoLand UK to tap into the rich visitors by offering discounts for your products and services.

9. Stay in touch with customers

One of the things shared is products and services they have and where they

bought them from. Create a database and entice your current customers with new promotional news, products, or rebates. Stay in touch with clients and customers and constantly update them on special offers using holiday cards, newsletters, and follow-up reminder emails. This is a sure way to remain abreast with the business.


Investing time in your existing customers is an efficient way to increase revenues by driving up sales. The mistake most small businesses make is neglecting their current customers while concentrating on adding new customers. A smart business strategy is to use current customers to win new customers. How is that possible? If your existing consumers are satisfied, they are likely to come back and tag their friends and family along.

Now this is a new business that you didn’t spend to win over. Happy customers are the best-selling pitch the business needs. Remember, friends talk and share experiences all the time.

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