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New rewards-based social network to launch in “game changing” move for mobile industry

by LLB Reporter
15th Jan 19 11:46 am

A brand-new communications app that will slash bills for mobile users and offer unparalleled privacy and security will launch in Jordan today. flaim is one of the first social apps available in the country that uses VOIP to make calls, a game-changing new development for the mobile industry in Jordan – significantly reducing bills for consumers.

flaim offers an exciting new alternative to the existing major players in a market where messaging apps are continuing to dominate the communications space with SMS continuing in its decline. The app seeks to connect consumers globally and provide a platform upon which a community can be built, and voices heard.

The launch in Jordan comes ahead of a global rollout of flaim in key markets around the world. flaim has been developed by parent company EQUIIS Technologies, a global leader in secure communications and incorporates enterprise level encryption that will give consumers complete security and control over their data.

With privacy at its core, flaim is designed to change the way people think about sharing content and experiences with their family and friends, where users will be able to earn rewards for being part of the flaim community. Whether it’s sharing data, interacting with content on the app or inviting friends onto the network, flaim will ensure that sharing is rewarding. flaim also allows users to “burn” or delete messages instantly, ensuring that nothing embarrassing is ever sent in error and private communications can never be discovered on a handset by a third party.

Derek Roga, CEO at flaim, said, “flaim will slash the mobile bills for consumers, and it’s completely secure because privacy is at the heart of our technology. Consumers should not be cash cows, to be milked for their data by social network owners. And likewise, consumers should not need to worry about anyone listening in to their calls or having their data leaked or used unethically by third parties.

“The flaim community can rest assured that 100% of their data will remain theirs unless members choose otherwise. Whether calling someone in a distant country or simply messaging a friend in the mall, flaim is the perfect solution.”

Built using a federated architecture, flaim also enables brand owners to customise content for users in specific countries rather than being obliged to adopt a one-size fits all approach, as is the case with many other communications apps currently on the market.

flaim is available to download for free via the Apple Store and Play Store from today.


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