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Nestle finds new way to create chocolate with less sugar

2nd Dec 16 10:13 am

Are you a chocolate lover?

Nestle has come up with a new scientific breakthrough that will change the way it creates chocolate; the new technique will reduce sugar content by 40 per cent.

The company makes Kitkat and Aero chocolate bars, it said their researchers have found a way to change the structure of sugar which will drastically change the amount in its bars.

It also claims that this can be done without changing the taste of the chocolate.

Nestle are in the process of patenting the new technique and say the new sugar will be found across its range by 2018.

When scientists alter the structure of the sugar it makes it dissolve much faster, Nestle says this fools the taste buds, with the effect of raising the sweetness.

Nestles chief technology officer, Stefan Catsicas, said the work was “truly groundbreaking research”.

Professor Julian Cooper, chair of the Scientific Committee at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, told the BBC: “This is good science. A lot of people have been looking at sugar trying to reduce the amount.”

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