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Belarus puts military on ‘full combat readiness’ warning if Russia collapses ‘we will be left under the rubble’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Jun 23 3:15 pm

The Belarusian dictator has placed his military on “full combat readiness” in the wake of the attempted Wagner coup.

He told a conference that the “threat of a new global conflict” has never been so close as it stands today and warned that the “collective West” have “real plans and intentions.”

Speaking about the Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin rebellious mutiny and the suspected action of a coup, Alexanda Lukashenko said that Wagner forces intended to “impose their own rules.”

Lukashenko said, “The threat of a new global conflict has never been as close as it is today. They are once again asking to blow up our country, our entire region, to disorient people.

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“To shake up the situation by any means and to impose their own rules under this noise, to establish their own order. which will no longer be our countries or people.

“They are asking us to mislead about the real plans and intentions of the collective West.

“Unfortunately, our attempts to settle the situation through peaceful negotiations are now called a ‘diplomatic imitation.’

“The price of this ‘imitation’ is hundreds of thousands of human lives.”

Lukashenko then criticised NATO, he said that the world is seeing a “new wave” of expansion of the military alliance near his borders.

He added, “Demonstration after demonstration is a demonstration of strength.”

Lukashenko added at the press conference, “Our generation is passing its endurance test.

“We had the mission to preserve the peace won by millions of lives of heroes, our fathers and grandfathers.

“This means only one thing – we must be stronger than the threat that again hangs a shadow over our land.

“I won’t lie, it was painful to watch the events that took place in the south of Russia. Not only me. Many of our citizens took them to heart. Because the fatherland is one.

“If Russia collapses, we will be left under the rubble, all of us will die.”

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