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MPs demand UK is put in lockdown as ‘selfish’ people ignore social distancing

by LLB Reporter
23rd Mar 20 11:33 am

Boris Johnson is preparing emergency new laws in the House of Commons for a possible lockdown within 24 hours as “very selfish” people are ignoring social distancing measures.

As a direct result of people across the UK socialising in large groups in Snowdonia, Brighton, Battersea park and many other locations we could now face a full lockdown.

The measures of the lockdown could include movement being restricted by the police or military, with possible curfews implemented to enforce self-isolation.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Matt Hancock said he doesn’t know why some people are ignoring the government’s advice.

“It’s very selfish,” he told the Today programme.

“The NHS is doing everything it can and preparing for the spread of this virus.

“If people go within two metres of others who they don’t live with then they’re helping to spread the virus – and the consequences of that costs lives and it means that, for everyone, this will go on for longer.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News’ Kay [email protected] on Monday, that people who are ignoring the governments advice are “very selfish.”

“We will enforce and bring in further strong measures if we need to, but I’d much rather people follow the rules themselves, it would be much more straight forward.

“If we need to go further in terms of people’s interactions then we will.

“very soon.”

The government has hit out at those who are fleeing their main residence and heading for holiday homes, and will attempt to stop them.

The government has now declared, “Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays.

“People should remain in their primary residence.

“Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk.”

The Coronavirus Bill is more than 320 pages, it states, “We assume the vast majority of people will comply with relevant public health advice.

“The policy aim of these provisions is to ensure that proportionate measures can be enforced if and when necessary.

“The proposals will provide public health officers, constables and [in some circumstances] immigration officers with the means to enforce sensible public health restrictions, including returning people to places that they have been required to stay.”

The Department of Health have announced on Sunday afternoon the death toll has risen by 48 to 281, confirmed coronavirus victims.

They said, “At 9am on Sunday, 78,340 people had been tested in the UK.

“The number of infections has risen by 635 in 24 hours to 5,683.”

A senior NHS doctor has expressed his fears that staff could be passing on the coronavirus to patients as they are not being provided with tests.

The doctor wrote about his experiences and said there is “little we can do” and victims are dying in front of his eyes.

It has been revealed that there is a huge shortage of protective equipment for medical staff and they are not tested unless they show symptoms.

He warned that not everyone shows symptoms immediately but can still be carriers and fears “as a doctor could be a silent killer” passing on coronavirus to patients.

On Sunday, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has ordered all Britons to immediately “Stay at home” over the “war” of the coronavirus pandemic.

LondonLovesBusiness understand that Whitehall sources are suggesting to impose a total lockdown across the capital as people are still gathering in crowds which will result in people dying as a direct result.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan gave a grave warning to Londoners, to anyone that leaves their home during the coronavirus outbreak to “stop social mixing or many more people will die.”

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