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Motorists issued urgent legal warning ahead of bonfire night

by LLB staff reporter
27th Oct 23 8:33 am

Drivers planning to celebrate Bonfire Night have been warned against carrying fireworks in their cars or face a £300 fine

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk have cautioned drivers over carrying too many fireworks in their vehicle as it could invalidate insurance and lead to a hefty fine.

Under the Explosive Regulations 2014 Act, it is against the law to buy and transport more than 50kg of fireworks without a valid storage license.

Drivers found to be transporting too many explosives could be slapped with a £300 fine and six penalty points.

In the event of an accident, those travelling with more than the legal limit of explosive content can also be refused a payout from insurers.

Some insurers will have exclusions, so drivers should check their provider’s terms and conditions to ensure they will be covered, even if travelling with fireworks that fall within the 50kg limit.

It is also illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy, carry or use fireworks, so under no circumstances should younger motorists transport fireworks for family or friends.

The police can serve anyone under age found to be in possession of fireworks with a fixed penalty notice of £80.

To minimise risks while carrying fireworks, drivers should ensure they are in a secure and spark-proof container, secured in the boot of the vehicle.

Drivers should also check the fireworks are not being stored by any combustible materials which could cause them to catch fire more easily.

Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk said: “It is important to remember that fireworks are dangerous explosives and can cause significant damage if handled incorrectly.

“If a firework were to go off in a vehicle, such as in the event of a crash, there is a huge fire and explosion risk.

“Drivers carrying any weight of fireworks are putting themselves, and other road users, at risk but carrying more than 50kg could be catastrophic.

“For this reason, it is vital that motorists travelling with fireworks take the necessary safety precautions, including transporting them in a secure non-flammable container in the boot.

“Aside from the danger of carrying over the legal weight allowance, those found to be breaking the rules could be fined £300, slapped with six penalty points and have their insurance invalidated.

“Any motorist under the age of 18 found to be driving with fireworks can also be fined for being in illegal possession of them.”

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