Monkey business: A gorilla escaped from London zoo yesterday


Here’s what happened

London was left in a slight state of panic yesterday after Kumbuka, a gorilla, escaped its enclosure at London Zoo.

The “gentle giant” reportedly escaped after a cage door was accidentally left open.

He was later found and shot with a tranquiliser.

“Every enclosure has a gated area which is off-limits to the public to stop animals running straight past when the door is opened,” a source told the Standard.

“That door shouldn’t have been left open.”

The zoo in Regent’s Park was placed into emergency lockdown at 5.15pm last night after ape went missing.

Malcolm Fitzpatrick, curator of mammals, said: “An investigation is underway to ascertain how he escaped but he was contained in a secure area and he was no risk to the visitors.

“I would like to pass on my thanks to guests who co-operated very well with us and moved into buildings to allow the emergency teams to respond.”