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Moldova told be ‘very wary of this ongoing Russian assault’ as the situation looks worrying as troops head to the region

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Apr 22 3:02 pm

A defence analyst has said the situation is looking worrying and Moldova should be “very wary of this ongoing Russian assault” in eastern Ukraine.

Dr Alex Walmsley said that Ukrainian resistance is holding firm in the east and despite Russia’s best efforts they have not made any “significant progress.”

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The defence analyst said that Vladimir Putin is wanting success for Victory Day in Russia on 9 May as Russian troops are now moving to the breakaway region of Moldova towards Transnistria.

Rustam Minnekaev, deputy commander of the Central Military District warned that by having control over Southern Ukraine this will provide the Russian army with access to Moldova’s breakaway region of Transdniestria.

Transdniestria borders the Ukraine and Kyiv fears that the area could then be used to launch fresh attacks on the country.

Dr Walmsley warned, “If I were Moldova, I would be very wary of this ongoing Russian assault.”

Minnekaev said, “Since the beginning of the second phase of the special operation, it has already begun just two days ago, one of the tasks of the Russian army is to establish full control over the Donbas and Southern Ukraine.”

The top military commander suggested Moldova’s Russian-speaking population was being oppressed.

“These statements are unfounded,” the Foreign Ministry said on its website.

“Moldova … is a neutral state and this principle must be respected by all international actors, including the Russian Federation.”

A senior EU official said the next couple of weeks would likely be decisive. “We are likely to see a very significant increase in the intensity of Russian military attacks in the east (and on) the coast,” he told reporters.

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