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Millions of jobs at risk over quarantine rules, says Ryanair chief

by LLB Reporter
8th Jun 20 11:04 am

From today the governments’ 14-day quarantine rules start for all travellers who enter the UK.

Michael O’Leary the chief executive of Ryanair has warned that millions of tourism jobs are at risk as Ryanair has seen a “collapse of inward bookings” for flights this summer.

O’Leary told Good Morning Britain, “We’re seeing thousands of British families booking their holidays in Portugal, in Spain and Italy, but there’s almost a collapse of inward bookings bringing those Italians, bringing those Europeans here to the UK, on which Britain’s tourism industry depends, particularly in the peak months of July and August.

“What’s irrational about it is all of those countries have a much lower Covid rate than the UK.”

He added, “Millions of jobs are going to be lost in British tourism because British hotels, British guest houses, British visitor attractions – all over London, the Globe, the London Eye, Madame Tussauds – will be empty, because the hundreds of thousands of Italians and Spanish and French people you get coming to Britain every July and August simply won’t travel.”

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