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MH17 crash: Hillary Clinton says it “probably had to be” Russian insurgents

18th Jul 14 9:48 am

Hillary Clinton, being interviewed by US broadcaster Charlie Rose yesterday in the US (full video below), has suggested that the MH17 crash “probably had to be” Russian insurgents.

The former US Secretary of State said: “The questions I’d be asking is, number one, who could have shot it down? Who had the equipment? It’s obviously an anti-aircraft missile. Who could have had the expertise to do that? Because commercial airlines are big targets, but by the time they got over that part of Ukraine they should have been high, so it takes some planning.

“And the Ukrainian government has been quick to blame it on terrorists, which is their name for the Russian insurgents. And there does seem to be some growing awareness that it probably had to be Russian insurgents.”

She also lays out the ramifications of the MH17 crash: the US position, her thoughts on who is culpable and Europe’s position.

“The first question is what does Europe do?” she said to Rose. “The United States has been very clear in both its criticism of Russian and Putin, its support for Poroshenko and the new Ukrainian government.”

She added “Not only was a civilian plane shot down, but what this means about the continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and the role that Russia is playing.”

Here’s the full five-minute video:

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