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Men’s Healthcare without the appointments, new online health platform Welzo to change the game

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15th Sep 22 2:24 pm

For those sick of waiting rooms and frustrating delays for medical treatment, now there’s a fresh, new alternative. Introducing the newest kind of healthcare: Welzo.com which is set to launch in September of 2022. With a vast online pharmacy and at-home testing kits available for next-day delivery, you’ll no longer have your health concerns delayed.

Welzo is set to change the game for the UK healthcare system. Customers can have their health concerns, tested, reviewed and treated, all without leaving their homes.

The system has incorporated AI technologies to bring about faster results and quick checkouts. Through this technology, users will complete short online consultations when ordering medications to ensure they are suitable for the medicines and products on offer. They will also have their results returned within 2 days thanks to the newest AI testing techniques used in their CQC-registered laboratories.

The website also features a large online library, called a ‘Health Hub’ that contains medical news and information which can be used to guide users about their concerns. These articles are written by medically trained individuals from around the world and will aim to answer some of the public’s most pressing questions.

Alongside the launch of the website, Welzo is primarily focused on delivering insightful content about Men’s Health during its opening month. This content roll-out is linked to their many tests designed for men’s health concerns, such as testosterone and hair loss, alongside more commonly unspoken health matters pertaining to erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. While these topics are often surrounded by personal shame and frustration, Welzo is intent on helping people with these sensitive issues. The website contains a large array of information, private tests and medication to treat these gender-specific concerns. As seen on the condition page for Erectile Dysfunction, many products are listed including Viagra, Cialis and Spedra, as well as the non-prescription ED medication Viagra Connect.

While men’s health is in focus at Welzo this month, the platform contains health information and products suited for all. The testing kits are some of the newest on the market and will allow people to monitor their concerns pertaining to specific areas such as menopause, fertility, vitamin intake as well as more general issues pertaining to tiredness, sports performance and sexual health checks, among others.

Welzo also has the option to ensure that patients are being routinely checked with a health test subscription option. This option will allow people to spend less time worrying about getting regular health assessments and can instead, simply have the tests delivered to their doors at scheduled monthly intervals.

The at-home blood testing kits are the marque feature of the website. These products will allow for a wide range of biomarkers to be tested, all from a small prick of blood taken from the finger. While other tests will require different samples depending on the nature of the concern, the blood test kit removes the pain and stress of generic blood tests but will still ensure that the same level of analysis is given.

This digitalisation of healthcare can easily reduce some of the common problems that occur in the traditional process. Patients can now test themselves from the privacy of their homes and furthermore, have their individualised treatment delivered to their door. Additionally, this method of sample collection is ever evolving, so the future of this industry is sure to continue to provide patients with new and effective healthcare solutions.

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