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Meet the best coasts of Spain

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7th Jul 20 10:23 am

Summer arrives, and the desire to enjoy the beach, walk on the sand, swim in the sea, and get complete relaxation from stressful situations comes with it. It’s time to make your wishes come true to get a paradisiacal vacation in crystal clear waters and white sands, and for that, you must know the best tourist destinations to enjoy the sea. Around the world, there are countless beaches, but only a few can impress with their beautiful landscapes.

Spain has many of the best coasts in the world, with 7,905 km of coastline where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the coast. All destinations are conditioned to receive tourists at all levels and provide the best level of comfort for visitors. Each tourist destination, even if it is a coastal one, has different attractions to suit the diverse needs of travellers.

You need to decide what kind of trip you want to make to choose between the different destinations since none is better than another, but they respond to different interests. Adventure tourism where you can get in touch with nature, a vacation where relaxation and tranquillity are paramount, a place with an active nightlife, there are many possibilities that you can satisfy. You can be planning exhaustive to know the Mediterranean country or travel around Spain with Voyage Privé can be the best option to enjoy a luxurious vacation.

Sant Josep de sa talaia – Ibiza

15 km from Ibiza, in the south of the island and occupying its highest mountain is Sant Josep de sa talaia. It has 84 km of coast with many of the best beaches in Ibiza. Ibiza’s international airport is located in this area so you won’t have to travel far to get there. Due to its geographical position has historical relevance of being commonly besieged by pirates in antiquity so you can enjoy various architectures that date back to the time as the defence towers located throughout the area. In addition to the warlike architecture, you will be able to enjoy Ibizan architecture by seeing the houses and churches like Sant Josep that transmit their culture and tradition just by looking at their façade.

Marbella – Costa del Sol

South of Malaga in Andalusia is the Costa del Sol, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Iberian Peninsula. If you want to do tourism in the city and at the same time visit impressive beaches, Costa del Sol is your place. It has about 29 museums which are quite adequate being the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, with a historic centre of about 3000 years the stories are not long in coming, and every building tells you.

From Benalmádena to Mijas, Costa del Sol has different places that offer you all kinds of experiences. At the same time, you enjoy your holidays, getting to know the botanical gardens, tasting the varied gastronomy, and of course, immersing yourself in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on the coast.

Lloret de Mar – Costa Brava

Lloret de Mar is a complete adventure for travellers, it has beautiful beaches and coves capable of satisfying the highest demands for ocean lovers, but also has an entire cultural repertoire to entertain all family members. The Noucentista gardens and architecture catch the travellers and transport them to another time, the Indian and Iberian legacy present on the coast will make you travel through its culture and the offer of water and night activities will please the youngest and the party people.

Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

In the south of Gran Canaria is Maspalomas, with its dunes on the coast that have enchanted millions of tourists over the years. If you are looking for a place to disconnect from the world and lose yourself in the beauty of some paradisiacal beaches, Maspalomas is your place, with kilometres of coast to walk around in peace and admire the old lighthouse of 55 metres high. If you are a fan of surfing, you will enjoy the beaches, and you can even experience a higher level of contact with nature on the nudist beaches.

Benidorm – Costa Blanca

Enjoying the beaches by day and the parties by night is the norm in Benidorm, a seaside resort on the Valencian coast, the city is full of skyscrapers, clubs, and places where you can relax or have fun. Due to the large influx of tourists, it is easy to get a good party and then go to rest on the beach. The city also has a historical centre and a neoclassical architecture that decorate it allowing you to enjoy the views.

Spain is full of beautiful places where it receives millions of tourists annually, and the beaches are one of the focal points of this attention. With beautiful landscapes, luxury service, adventure and destinations full of culture and history, the Spanish coast is a destination you should visit at least once in your life.

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