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Meet Fire Mountain, the luxury chocolate company with a conscience

by LLB Reporter
4th May 22 12:02 pm

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of biting into a bar of single-origin chocolate – a sweet treat made using just one type of cocoa bean, thereby allowing the delicate, nuanced notes of a single bean, from a specific region, to shine through.

However, the modern-day production of chocolate has a reputation for child slavery and other unethical practices. Too many chocolate brands are failing to take the necessary steps to ensure cocoa growers and farmers are treated fairly and earn a living wage.

Enter Fire Mountain – a sustainable and ethical chocolate brand made from cocoa beans harvested in the rich volcanic soil of Mount Cameroon, an active volcano over 70 million years old – committed to doing things the right way.

The brainchild of Mike Paul and Paul Bup – the latter of whom is a Cameroonian-born social entrepreneur who witnessed, first-hand, the poverty cycle and challenges faced by the cacao farmers in his motherland and decided to do something about it – Fire Mountain is striving to be a force for good.

Instead of describing itself as Fairtrade, Fire Mountain focuses on direct trade. By buying straight from the farmers in Cameroon, who rely on the cocoa bean for their livelihood, and paying them premium prices, Fire Mountain supports a brighter future for them, their families and their community.

Bup explained: “By supporting local farmers, we grow a community as well as a crop. Families aren’t forced to flee for employment.

“We fight against child labour, for an education for our children and fair price for our farmers. We’re sustainable and traceable. When we harvest, we all share the benefits of our beans – people as well as the planet.”

Aside from all its impressive ethical credits, the chocolate is truly delicious (and highly addictive).

There are currently two flavours to choose from: a 70% Dark Chocolate and a 37% Milk Chocolate – two divine, tongue-tingling slabs of high-grade chocolate from cocoa grown at the foot of the fertile volcanic soil of Mount Cameroon, and blended with cocoa butter and sugar.

Named “Mongo ma Ndemi” which means “Mountain of greatness” (the indigenous name for Mount Cameroon), both bars are available in 30g and 60g formats, retailing at £2.99 and £5.29 respectively. What’s more, while you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, each flavour in Fire Mountain’s range has its own distinctive design by Design Difference.

The colourful, quirky packaging depicts the vibrant communities around Mount Cameroon, one of Africa’s largest active volcanoes, and the inspiration for the brand’s name. All told when you purchase a product from Fire Mountain, an upmarket company that truly goes the extra ethical mile, chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure.

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