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Make or break: Impacting your business

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Dec 22 1:29 pm

There may be a number of different things that can have an impact on your business, both positive and negative. By pre-empting these, you may be able to maximise positive occurrences to benefit future sales, or negate any bad aspects to try and limit the amount of damage they can do. Keeping yourself informed about the way your business is run, and the people who help to run it, can allow you to do all you can to make positive changes to the inner workings of your company.

Take reviews seriously

When a client considers using your company to meet their needs, they may first want to read reputable reviews from others who have had dealings with you in the past. While word of mouth can be one way of achieving this, many people find that online reviews for businesses are a quicker and easier way of finding out about how you operate. This can include your level of expertise, as well as information about the specific person or people who they dealt with. Some of these may praise your business and your team, especially if work was completed to a high standard, and in a shorter timeframe than initially advised. There might also be mentions of cost, and how this differs from others who may provide similar services. You may want to thank those who leave positive commentary, and investigate issues of those who leave negative feedback, to show future clients just how much you care.

Employee behaviour

The way your employees act during their working day can help to gain customer loyalty, or make people want to distance themselves from your brand. Should an employee go above and beyond within their role, this could help create a positive impact. Likewise, rudeness or a lack of care could increase negativity. However, the things your employees do outside of work can also have an effect. For some of these, there may not be a lot you can do. An employee who posts a picture of a drunken night out on their social media, without committing any crimes, may be free to do so. Yet, one who slanders the company online, or engages in criminal activity, could be dealt with internally, so as to not affect sales. You may want to speak to a business paralegal about this, to ensure you will not be accused of unfair disciplinary measures.

Undertake charity work

A simple way of increasing positive association with your business can be through helping charities. This can include either making donations or volunteering services and support. Businesses that are more conscientious about those around them, particularly those who might be less fortunate, may be seen as caring and compassionate. This can help to increase sales, as well as provide opportunities for people to learn more about who you are and what you do.

To be successful, it could be important to find ways to improve public opinion of your business. At the same time, you may want to find ways to rectify any issues, both internally and externally, that could lead to negativity.

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