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Long-suffering Brits stick with broadband providers despite dodgy copper connections and soaring prices

by LLB Reporter
24th Jul 23 5:46 am

Two in three Brits haven’t switched broadband providers in the past two years, with one in five never switching at all, research from internet challenger Cuckoo has revealed. 

This is despite more than half of UK broadband customers facing regular problems with their connection, many of them because they’re on inferior copper broadband. Millions also face soaring bills as a result of the biggest hike in prices in 30 years from most of the big broadband providers.

Customers slow to break up with their providers are missing out on faster, fairer-priced broadband. The UK’s fibre revolution is well underway, with altnets rapidly rolling out infrastructure capable of reaching unparalleled speeds.

Nearly three quarters (72%) of the UK are now able to switch to gigabit-capable fibre connections – fast enough to download a HD film in 30 seconds – with the fastest packages able to stream 4K videos on 32 devices at once.

Even if households are unable to get fibre, a similar number (73%) of homes across the country have access to ultrafast broadband, which is capable of reaching download speeds of more than 100Mbps. 

The survey was conducted by Hummingbird Insights on behalf of Cuckoo, which only offers full-fibre broadband after ditching copper.

It revealed that three in four (73%) of those surveyed said price was the biggest motivator for switching. Over half (58%) were stuck in long-term contracts of between 18 and 24 months – many of whom have been hit by mid-contract increases in recent months.

Tommy Toner, Chief Experience Officer at Cuckoo said: “When it comes to broadband, many Brits don’t realise how bad they’ve got it. Despite their household being plagued with connectivity issues, people are still reluctant to change their internet provider.

“There are better alternatives out there – with faster speeds, cheaper prices and better customer service. Consumers no longer have to put up with sub-par connections or complicated contracts – we switch our energy provider if we’re unhappy, why should it be any different with our internet bill? 

“Shoddy customer service and complicated exit clauses have made us hesitant to switch, but there’s a world of fast fibre connectivity out there. People are forking out champagne prices for a lemonade experience, and it needs to stop.”

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