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London spending on beauty treatments outstrips the rest of the UK

by LLB Reporter
16th Oct 18 12:35 pm

A deep-dive into British beauty secrets by business insurer Hiscox has revealed that 2.6 million Brits spend a whopping £1000 or more on beauty treatments a month.

On average, Londoners spend over £470 a month on professional beauty treatments, with 14% of them spending more than £1000 monthly. That’s a major contrast with the rest of the country who spend just over £96 a month on average.

1 in 50 Londoners love getting waxes

Londoners showed their mettle in this survey, with 1 in 50 saying they actually like getting a wax. In fact, two out of every five Londoners go for a wax every two weeks, while one in ten submit themselves to the treatment every month.

While the chaos of the big city might have toughened up some London salon-goers, plenty of Londoners also love the more relaxing beauty treatments favoured by the nation: getting a haircut and getting a massage.

3.8 million Londoners say they love getting a haircut, with two-thirds of them saying they wouldn’t trust anyone but a beauty professional to give them their monthly chop.

There’s a ‘no pain no gain’ attitude to beauty in London

While haircuts are popular, Londoners find getting their hair dyed is less pleasurable. 6% of them say they hate getting their hair dyed, ranking it equally to getting their teeth whitened. But, with one in ten Londoners getting these treatments every six weeks, the “beauty is pain” mantra lives on in the capital city. In contrast, only 1 in 20 Brits nationwide get their hair dyed or their teeth whitened on such a regular basis.

London salons rarely disappoint

As a responsible provider of health, beauty and wellbeing treatments, it goes without saying that making your client happy is one of your main goals. But, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what your client wants – especially if they’re not quite sure themselves.

It’s quite heartening, then, to find that while 5.1 million Londoners have said they ended up with something totally different to what they asked for from their barber or hairdresser, 55% of them loved what they came home with. In contrast, only 10% of the rest of the UK said they were happy with the results after a barber or hairdresser gave them a style they weren’t expecting.

What are Londoners looking for?

Like the rest of Britain, Londoners say it’s important that their beauty treatments or haircuts give them confidence (36%) and make them feel relaxed (33%).

Interestingly, Londoners also use their salon visits to wipe the slate clean, with a large proportion of Londoners (1.2 million of them) saying they go to the salon with the hopes of reinventing themselves. In contrast, only 8% of the nation on average say the same thing.

Peer-pressure is also a prominent factor driving Londoners to salons, with almost a million of them saying they get beauty treatments to help them keep up with friends. With the exception of Northern Ireland who report a similar percentage to the capital city, the rest of the country don’t cite their friends as a major reason for getting a haircut or beauty treatment.

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