London restaurant makes the world's most expensive burger that costs £1,100 (and has 2,618 calories)


London’s famous for a lot of “most expensive” things but this one really takes the err, bun.

London restaurant Honky Tony is now serving the “Glamburger” which boasts Canadian lobster, Kobe beef and black truffle brie. Why the £1,100 pricetag? It has an edible gold leaf.

World's most expensive burger

The patty has been garnished with Himalayan salt, maple syrup, beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg.


  • Kobe Wagyu beef
  • New Zealand venison
  • Canadian lobster
  • Black truffle brie
  • Iranian saffron
  • Maple syrup-coated bacon
  • Hickory-smoked duck egg
  • Gold leaf coated brioche bun
  • Japanese matcha and cream mayonnaise
  • Mango and Champagne jus
  • Grated white truffle

Source: Groupon

The burger has been created to celebrate the Chelsea restaurant’s five millionth voucher sold with Groupon.

Chris Large, head chef at Honky Tonk, said: “After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember.”