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London congestion charge no longer “fit for purpose”

19th Jan 17 2:41 pm

What do you thing of the current fee?

The London Assembly transport committee has claimed that the congestion charge is no longer “fit for purpose”.

It says the flat fee should be scrapped.

The charge could be extended to suburban areas of London rather than just being restricted to the current city centre.

The committee also said that congestion on the roads is getting worse, they warned London Mayor Sadiq Khan that delay was “not an option”.

The blockages the roads face was blamed on delivery vans and mini cabs rather that private car use which has been falling.

Transport committee chair Caroline Pidgeon said: “Something dramatic has to be done about the enormous congestion problem on London’s roads. The issue is costing our city money and costing Londoners their health and wellbeing.”

“TfL is doing a lot to tackle congestion, but not enough. Road pricing would be a fairer approach as road users would pay according to how much they contribute to congestion.”

“Gridlocked London needs to start moving again and tinkering here and there is not going to achieve that. The time has come for the Mayor to take a look at road pricing before things get any worse.”

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