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Lithuania and Germany to send high-tech military equipment to Kyiv including deadly ‘NASAMS missile systems’

by LLB political Reporter
6th Aug 23 2:32 pm

Lithuania and Germany are preparing to send a new military aid package to Ukraine which will include the deadly “NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems.”

Germany is providing Ukraine with a vast military package which consists of reconnaissance drones and mobile systems, as well as self-propelled guns and mine clearing tanks.

The German government said that the package includes, two Wisent mine-clearing tanks, 11 T-72 mine ploughs, five

SurveilSPIRE mobile reconnaissance systems, nine border protection vehicles, along with three Vector reconnaissance drones and five mobile antenna mast systems.

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Also the published military package lists shows in addition as part of a joint project with Denmark and Norway, two Zuzana 2 self-propelled howitzers have been provided to Ukraine.

Germany are planning to also send to Ukraine, 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, six Bergepanzer 2 armored recovery vehicles, seven mobile, remote controlled and protected mine clearing systems, with five SurveilSPIRE mobile reconnaissance systems and 18,000 man-portable anti-tank weapons.

The Lithuanian government are preparing a new military assistance package for Ukraine, which will include NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-drones and logistical equipment, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense reported.

The Lithuanian government said, “NASAMS missile launch systems, anti-drones, logistic equipment, cots and a lot of other support will soon be handed over to Ukraine.”

The Lithuanian Ministry said in the first seven months of 2023, the military provided to Kyiv, includes Mi-8 helicopters, L-70 anti-aircraft guns with ammunition, M113 armored personnel carriers, millions of rounds and grenade launcher ammunition.

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