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Leak says Cummings calls EU negotiations a ‘Sham’

by LLB Reporter
3rd Sep 19 2:20 pm

Boris Johnson’s special political advisor Dominic Cummings has openly dismissed the idea of EU discussions as “a Sham.”

According to reports in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, the newspaper cited two sources that Cummings said the negotiations are nothing but “a sham.”

The unnamed source told the Telegraph, “All the emphasis and strategy is on managing the fears of backbenchers that we are heading to a ‘no-deal’, not actually on delivering a workable alternative to the backstop.”

However, Downing Street was very quick to vociferously deny this as “categorically untrue.”

In less than two months the UK is to leave the EU, Boris Johnson has said we will leave the bloc with a “do or die” approach.

The prime minister and his government have been putting pressure on the EU to scrap the Irish backstop, saying he believes a solution can be found.

An EU official said of Cummings remark, “It was perhaps telling that the British lobby correspondents were briefed about the new twice-weekly ‘talks’ before the dates had even been agreed at Commission level.

“We know perfectly well we’re being played.”

Another EU official said, “The ball is in their court, but we haven’t seen any detailed proposals and we don’t expect to see any until very late.

“They are scared of their shadows and everything being shot down. But we will listen to all proposals.”

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