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Labour supports ‘rule of six’ restrictions

by LLB political Reporter
14th Sep 20 10:59 am

The government’s “rule of six” restrictions has now come into force meaning people can only meet five others at home or outdoors, or face a fine if this is broken.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he supports the government’s new law which came into force today.

Speaking to LBC radio, he said, “I do support the ‘rule of six’.

“I think you need something simple, easily understood and I think the government was slow back in February and March to appreciate the problem it was about the face and we can’t repeat that error again, so I do support the ‘rule of six’.

“We’ve publicly come out in support of it and I will say, as I said to the Prime Minister I would, as the leader of the opposition I say to everybody, please follow the government advice, please follow these rules.”

Sir Keir added, “You can make the argument of why not five or why not six or seven – you have to go with a number backed by the science and they say six and I think we should abide by that rule.”

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